Wisconsin State Fair Is Here!

August 2, 2017

The Wisconsin State Fair. One of the most attended events each year in Wisconsin, and for good reason. If you’ve never been to state fair, you’re missing out. Free live music, carnival rides, food, fair competitions, animals, horticulture, sky glider, and cream-puffs (if you don’t know what this is, are you even a true Wisconsinite?). This year they have a bunch of new and exciting foods, attractions, and musicians. A dog trick competition has been added to the events this year as well as a swine showing competition, and even a sangria-making competition! The “Wonder Wheel” is also new this year in Spin City, along with 8 other new rides, and it is the biggest traveling Ferris wheel in North America!

As for food, there are hundreds of options and many different restaurants and vendors.   My favorite go-to fair food is anything on-a-stick. Last year I got to try chocolate-covered bacon slabs, python meat, and spaghetti and meatballs on-a-stick.  There are countless new foods that are coming to the fair this year that I can’t wait to try. Just to mention a few; the apple pie nachos, deep-fried cherry pie wontons, sangria on-a-stick, and the unicorn Twinkie. There are also some other one’s that I don’t know if I’m brave enough to try such as the breakfast hot dog, cricket chips, or a gator breakfast burrito (!!!).

As for music, they have musicians playing every single day at restaurant and bars, as well as the main stage. What is really cool is that some of our talented musicians are playing there! Yard Dog Charlie, Sensations, Bobby Way and the Fabulous Wayouts, Sam Guyton, and Alyssia Dominguez will all be performing there this year! For all dates and times of these performances be sure to check out our Upcoming Events page.

Respectfully submitted,

Kate Kaminski

ACA Staff


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  • Maureen says:

    Yeah I agree that it is one of the best event here in Wisconsin. There are lots of things to enjoy here.from food to music. Everyone on Wisconsin should not miss this.

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