The Top 5 Things to do to Support Your Community Musician

May 6, 2020

Musician [myoo-zish-uhn] – Noun

  1. A person of extreme resiliency and fortitude.
  2. One who is in touch with creation and uses music to deeply experience the ebbs and flows of life while inspiring and encouraging others to do the same.
  3. Someone who relies on their community to have an appreciation for the irreplaceable, soul enriching experience live music brings.

Whenever my one of my delightful stepchildren comes to me to announce “I’m bored. What can I do now?” I always respond with, “Well, let’s talk about what we know to be true about you. We know you are intelligent, resourceful, imaginative and playful. With all this in mind, what is it you would like to do?” One hundred percent of the time I will find them just a few minutes later with paper and colored pencils in tow headed for the dining room table. Drawing then ensues, creation has been summoned, and the “I’m bored” sentiment is forgotten.

This is the space of connecting to what powers us. Sitting at the dining room table with colored pencils and paper while all hell is breaking loose… this is what musicians will do. And hopefully what everyone is doing. Staying in the flow of creation is the entryway to all solution and well being. Not to mention it’s what will keep us from unraveling during this unprecedented time. It is the force that beats our hearts, breathes our lungs, and allows our minds to dream. It’s the only thing that will keep us going because it looks like we’re all in for a rough ride.

Time for creation to take center stage. Let’s talk about everything we can create right now. New ideas, art, songs, books, projects and inventions will come of this. We can create support, understanding and willingness in our communities. We can get to know the neighbors “over the fence” because let’s face it where else are you going to meet new people? We can create empathy and help one another. And your local musicians need your encouragement. We help create the environments for you to celebrate your greatest moments. We laugh and cry with you. We dance and sing with you. We love to make you smile and make you forget and help you live a better life. And those of us who make a living at it… well it’s pretty much gone right now.

So if you’re in a position to give and if music moves you and sustains you… then here is my list:


  1. Please let a musician know what is true about them. Tell them they are needed and appreciated. Tell them you know with their passion, creativity and perserverance, they will emerge much stronger. Yes, tell them. (Yes, we’re like 9 year olds…I’m a musician so I can say this with conviction.)
  2. Purchase some of their music! Please DO NOT buy from itunes or just stream Spotify. They won’t see much of that money. Go to their website and purchase so they can actually buy food.
  3. Share their pages and websites with your friends and family and tell them to buy their music as well.
  4. If they’re doing an online concert, stop in and say hello even if you can’t stick around. It means a lot.
  5. If your favorite local musician writes music, hire them to write a song for your Aunt Edna or your wife or husband or whomever you think would be thrilled to have a song written in their honor. This spreads the love like you can’t imagine.

Oh, and speaking of love like you can’t imagine… yes let’s create that.

Thank you so much for your time and attention.

May you stay creative in whatever way means the most to you.

Barbara Stephan
ACA Entertainment
North Coast Management
North Coast Center for the Arts

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