There are no typical days at ACA….

December 26, 2016

There are no typical days in our life at ACA Music and Entertainment.  Every day is new again and new ideas are on the horizon.  You could enter the office and today everyone wants Santa’s and Elves or Reindeer, then the next call could be for pony rentals or bounce houses, Casino games, or Wii rentals.  You just never know.

It is never Ground hog’s Day here.

Being the President of the Company I can say that I am old fashioned in the way that I still love talking to people about their event and what they want to achieve.  I have never been able to get excited to try to sell something with an email, but we all have to do it.  The new generation is very busy and time is of the essence and I have realized more then ever people want a rapid reply to their questions and not a waste of their time.  Also important in sales is my father’s favorite expression “Smile In Your Voice”!  I always did that until the calls didn’t come in and the email submissions happened more and more.  Now we have changed to “Smile in your email or text”.  You may ask how you do that?  My idea is closing a response with “Smiles and hugs for a great rest of your day”.  Try it it works and makes people feel good about their experience and decisions.

I have seen it all and now look back with a great learning experience from not only planning the event to how the customer reacted to a situation.  Years ago I had a bride that planned a huge 100K wedding at the Pfister Hotel, 300 guests strong.  She had booked a band out of Chicago and was ready for a beautiful experience, the only problem is there was no groom (He had told her that he just wanted to marry her for her money and then felt guilty about it), What do you do when you are all set up and ready to go?  Well she has the best party of her life with or without a groom.  Even took her best friend on the honeymoon.

Sometimes life sends you a curve ball you have to bend with it.  Stay tuned to more great success stores of wonderful events!

Hugs and Smiles for a great rest of your day!


Nancy Rothe


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