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December 4, 2019

Let’s talk about what every little girl wants for Christmas besides a pony!  A puppy or better yet a pug puppy. On December 14th Pug Hugs will be celebrating and trying to raise money for the Pug Hug Organization with a fundraiser at Thelen Funeral Home in North Prairie.

This fundraiser is not like any other because all people and furry animals are invited to come and bid on silent auction items, raffles, wine pulls and wine with free food and donations accepted.  You can even get your furry friends pictures photographed by Kristle Warne (the wife of one of our favorite musicians, Jake Warne).  Kristle and Jake also are the proud parents of 2 blind pugs.  Also with the generous donation from ACA Music and Entertainment we are able to have Santa fly down from the North Pole to help us out with Holiday pictures.  HO HO HO – Pug Hug is also a 501C so all donations are tax deductible. You don’t have a furry friend? Well don’t worry we will have plenty to play with!  All dogs are invited to participate (but we have to say no to cats because you know that dogs and cats don’t mix).  I think you get my drift. 

You can also check out this organization with our live interview on the Morning Blend on December 11th.  We are going to have some special VIP’s there including Herman Munster Tucker (with no eyes), and Ellie Mae Clampett (yes we have a theme going on flash back to the 70’s). We do have another baby pug named Eddie Munster but he doesn’t like coming out in the day light so we will just keep him sleeping in his coffin with Woof Woof.

You can even enjoy pizza from my favorite bar called Sideliners!  On Tuesday nights Frankie from Cherry Pie even does trivia for treats. If you stop in and say Hi Frankie he might even buy you a drink but don’t play his trivia I think it is fixed!

So save your money and spend it at the best place to do Holiday shopping.  Plenty of open space for parking, snow mobiles, skies, tennis shoes, sleds and any other ways you can get there.  Please help a cause that actually helps our pugs in need and get rewarded with the sweet kiss of a pug!  No stealing however because we will have special watch dogs there tracking your every move!

Happy Holidays!

Nancy Rothe
Senior Sales Associate
ACA Music & Entertainment

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