When Life Hands You Lemons an Interview with Nancy Rothe

February 25, 2019

Life is no stranger to unexpected twists and turns. How do you charge ahead and move forward? It’s easier said than done to stay on the path amidst challenges that life throws our way. In a recent interview, I gained some insights and inspiration from long time ACA Sales Associate and equestrian, Nancy Rothe. The entertainment agency was not on the radar for Rothe initially. She started working for ACA Entertainment while pursuing a Masters in Art Therapy at Mount Mary College. Nancy didn’t anticipate her career going down the path as her father Bill Rothe who started the company back in 1948. She’s been in the business now for 28 years! She bought the company from her father’s trust about 1 year ago, before the business switched ownership.

As a talented and passionate equestrian, riding has taught Nancy many lessons on determination and perseverance. She recalled a few major injuries during her riding career in which she broke her back two times! While the experiences were difficult, Nancy was determined. This setback didn’t stop her from being dedicated to ACA. She continued working from home while on the road to recovery, which is inspiring to me! “When life hands you lemons, you make lemonade” she said. It didn’t stop her from getting back in the saddle either. In her equestrian career, Nancy has owned and showed over 30 horses! Most recently, she competed at the Equestrian World Championship for the 3r​ d​ time and placed 8t​ h​ in 2018! Her passion on the field also transfers over into her lengthy career at ACA.

Nancy enjoys that no day EVER looks the same in the office. Even the entertainment ACA provides is extremely diverse. Some of the more obscure services she’s provided include: “penguins, organ grinders, parrots and more”! With any job, situations come up. Nancy has taught me the importance of accountability and acting assertive when problems arise. Highly self-motivated, Nancy is a go getter and is passionate about helping clients plan amazing unforgettable events!

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