Let’s Talk About Art School

January 14, 2018

I’m fairly fresh to ACA Music & Entertainment in terms of office work. I am hired frequently as freelancer most of the time, especially in the summer when festivals, pool parties and Independence Day gatherings are extra popular. I work these events doing Henna Tattooing as well as the fun of face-painting! My creative mind is expanded and so happy working those jobs. These jobs are right up my alley as I am currently a student at the the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design (MIAD) located in the Third Ward District of downtown Milwaukee. At school, I’m studying Communication Design and I don’t think I could love it any more than I already do! I’m passionate about my studies at MIAD and have big plans for my future.


MIAD’s fall semester began in late August and followed through to December 14th. That Thursday was the beginning of my Winter Break…but like all things, that break comes to an end, and I’ll be back up and running at MIAD on January 16th. First day of Spring semester – here I come! Over this winter break from school, I’ve been super busy. Lots of good naps, Netflix, and family time (maybe too much family time) and I’ve been here at the ACA office in Waukesha several times a week. Along with the filing, emailing, and organizing, I’ve also been assigned to the best job here…redesigning our company’s brochure! With modern technology on the forefront of pretty much all jobs these days, I have the opportunity to work with it here too. Through my tuition at MIAD I have access to the Adobe Suite (a group of softwares for almost everything design-related). I am using the Adobe InDesign program to create and update a stellar brochure, giving you lots of useful information, and a take on us as a company and what we have to offer.


The brand new brochure will be one for the books. It’s not fully complete, as I like to take my time and bring my patience to the table to create the most successful design. Once it is finished, we here at ACA will happily share it with all of you! Also be sure to check our Facebook page now and again, as we have lots of material for you to peruse, as well as fun images and extra info available there!


Lots of Love,


Mads Janisch


ACA Staff


  • Holly M says:

    Art is a good stress reliever. It is where we can express our feeling. I’ll be waiting for your brochure. 🙂

  • Sedna Inc says:

    It’s really good art. and also works for a stress reliever. I am waiting for your brochure.when you complete your brochure I will saw it. I am very excited about it. because I also love art. and make any art in my life.

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