The Key Ingredients An Interview With Louie Higgins

March 8, 2019

There are a lot of ingredients to making it work in the music and entertainment agency. Some of the main ingredients are creativity, drive, self-discipline, and most importantly, passion!  For longtime ACA sales associate and drummer, Louie Higgins, the choice was simple. After graduating college with a degree in electrical engineering, he went on the road playing shows as an ACA traveling agent from 1973-1979. “I had been playing since I was a little kid, so when the opportunity came I went,” Louie said. I discovered that Louie also has a few tricks up his sleeve! In addition to drumming six nights a week on the road, he performed as a magician in the night clubs! He’s done everything from upside down straight jacket escapes to full illusion shows!

Another ingredient to being successful in the business is persistence! When Louie decided to get off the road, he looked to ACA for work.  He knocked on the door for 6 months before getting hired as a Sales Associate. Knowing the ‘ins and outs’ of being a musician was an advantage for Louie, who enjoys working with ACA clients and musicians. Some new things he’s looking forward to this year are ACA’s first full original act, Barbara Stephan! “We are branching out and also have a couple of great tribute acts we are working with.” In the development of working with original music, Louie hopes to see more full original artists in future.

One of the most important ingredients to making it in the industry is passion! Louie has had a passion for music since childhood and is the drummer for Bobby Way and the Fabulous Wayouts. “It’s pretty all-encompassing when it’s said and done”.  In addition to performing, the long hours spent at ACA making phone calls, going to tradeshows, seeing acts perform, among many other tasks easily racks up to a hefty work week. To sum up the classic Mark Twain quote, he said: “Well, if you do it right, it’s like the old adage that you’ll never work a day in your life if you like what you do!”

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