Amberstein is an American hard rock band from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, formed in 2012 and founded by members Jake Warne (Vocals, Bass), Andrew Farrar (Drums), and Ross Machurick (Guitar). One lineup change has occurred and the band’s current lineup consists of Warne, Farrar and guitarist/singer/songwriter Jason Paulsen. Since Amberstein’s inception, they have released one self titled EP, and have since begun recording a follow-up featuring an enhanced modern rock sound. Having honed their sound with the current lineup of members, the band features an abundance of three part harmonies, intricate and melodious guitar parts, lyrics filled with genuine emotion and thoughtfully relatable themes, and rhythmic patterns which are both technically complex and easily accessible.


Since the beginning, the band has been very impressionable with their live performance. Even in the smallest of clubs, the energy and veracity on stage gives the concert-goer an experience they will remember long past the performance. Having shared the stage with bands such as TRAPT, Another Lost Year, Screaming for Silence, Puddle of Mudd, Saving Abel, and countless others, as well as having played venues such as Summerfest, Mystique Casino’s Island Fest, Milwaukee Zoo Ala Carte, The 2016 Survivor Games, and rock clubs throughout the Mid-West, the band’s list of accomplishments and depth of experience continues to grow. Constantly striving to improve and outdo themselves, Amberstein incorporates new material and new elements of stage production as often as possible. Very well rehearsed, attending an Amberstein concert does not feel like going to see a local band; that is until the band walks off stage and interacts with their fans.


Between touring, rehearsing, writing and recording, the band takes their music and the role their music plays in the lives of their fans very seriously. The band has a sincere appreciation for the support it receives from the people who spread the word about their music and those who support the band from showing up at venues, bringing friends, meeting with them after concerts, or purchasing merchandise.