2020 DNC in Milwaukee

January 20, 2020

What an exciting year for the state of Wisconsin and certainly the city of Milwaukee.  In just a few short months the Democratic Convention will be held from July 13th through the 16th.  This will be happening at the Fiserv Forum and the delegates from the US Democratic Party will choose the party’s nominees for President and Vice President for the 2020 election.

With over 50,000 people planning on attending, there will be celebrations like Milwaukee has never witnessed. This is a huge economic opportunity for everyone in and around Milwaukee.  Businesses big and small from all over the city and around the region will be playing a party to make this event successful. This will be a chance for you to cast your vote to see what this party is all about.

Did someone say PARTY? I am sure there will be plenty of festivities happening and this is something ACA Music and Entertainment specializes in. From providing the band for Governor Evers Inaugural Ball to many events for the mayor and past governors, we’ve got some outstanding artists and variety acts for your soirée.  No matter which side of the political pendulum you lean more towards, add some fun and creative ideas to this decades most sought after event.

Celebrity Look-a-likes… a visit from one of our past political icons

Living Statues… for a visit from Lady Liberty herself

Caricature Artist… a keepsake to memorialize a special event

Green Screen Photo Booth… to visit anywhere in the 50 US states you & your party attendees would like to go

Live Band Karaoke… belt out the National Anthem with honor and pride along with other rock and roll classics

1920s Jazz Band… to add a nostalgic Americana flavor from bygone times

Give us a call to cast your vote for your favorite party add-on and book something special for your event today!  You can always count on ACA MUSIC AND ENTERTAINMENT to make sure your event is one to remember.

— Nancy



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