2018 Will Be an Exciting Year!

January 17, 2018

Greetings Friends!

2017 was a wonderful year for ACA Music and Entertainment.  We not only moved our offices for the expansion but got a lot of new and great clients to help. We’re working towards an even greater 2018! We’ve brought in new bands, new magicians, new gaming options, and tons of great new entertainment ideas in general!

For me personally it has been a year of change.  After my mother passed away I took ownership of this great company.  What that just means is more work and less free time.  Although without my great staff I could have not held up and made it through these last months.

As for me I started living my dream all over again and participated in Professional Horse shows and bought a new horse DESIGN FOR SUCCESS or if you are from Wisconsin we call him Guinness.  This horse was Design for Success and we competed since June winning all of our classes except for 4!!!  I am beyond blessed that I can still ride after all of my injuries but have the determination to do so.

I also wanted to share a little family history with you that my friends enjoy hearing about.  Santa wasn’t always good to me.  I remember circling the toys I wanted from the Sears catalog and of course the one gift I really wanted I never got.  However the Easy Bake Oven and Incredible Edibles were nice and yummy.  One Christmas in particular we got a mocked Holiday Tree and it fell from my dog playing under it.  We found it quite humorous because it fell and flock was everywhere so we had an indoor Christmas with what we felt was real snow.

Happy New Year to everyone from ACA and let’s make this the best one yet!  Hugs and Smiles to everyone!

Nancy Rothe


ACA Music & Entertainment


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