ACA Live – Anthony Deutsch

May 14, 2020

Anthony Deutsch Group will be streaming live from North Coast Center for the Arts right to your living room as part of our Tuesday Jazz night series! Anthony (Father Sky) is a Milwaukee-based pianist, vocalist and composer. For nearly two decades, his musical journey has been largely informed by an unwavering thirst for truth and self-expression. Embodying both the light and darkness of the human experience, Deutsch aims to invoke a timeless presence. Improvisation is at the heart of his artistry. “Improvisation is the act of being present. One must listen beyond their own narrative, embody that at hand, and produce a fruitful compositional offering. It is difficult and fleeting, but may yield deep beauty.”

ACA Live concerts are donation based. Please send donations to and mention the concert you are watching.

Due to COVD-19 and the ‘Safer at Home Act’ we are not able to play out live yet. ACA Music & Entertainment is taking the streaming to the next level in the North Coast Center for the Arts performance space.