Character Actors

They can meet and greet your guests and also offer photo opportunities for your party participants. From Saloon Girls to Pirates, Cowboys and Indians to the Easter Bunny and Santa, we have it all! Nothing makes a disco party like Austin Powers or a game show event like Regis Philbin. Just give us a call and say “I want Paris Hilton at my party”, and we will make it happen!  See the lists below to get your themed party started.

Disclaimer: We are an independent company providing princess, superhero and character impersonations. We do not have intention of violating any copyright or trademark laws. We do not claim to have any affiliation with the Walt Disney Company, Warner Brothers, DC Comics, Lucas Arts, Marvel, Saban, Mattel, or SCG Power Rangers LLC or any of their subsidiaries. All of our characters are simply look-a-likes and our costumes are made under strict supervision to prevent copyright infringement.

Elsa- ​Frozen​ (“Snow Queen”)- Multiple costumes
Anna​- Frozen ​(“Snow Princess”)- Multiple costumes
Ariel- ​The Little Mermaid​ (“Mermaid Princess”)- Multiple costumes
Aurora-​ Sleeping Beauty​ (“Sleeping Princess”)
Snow White- ​Snow White and the 7 Dwarves​ (“Apple Princess”)
Cinderella-​ Cinderella​ (“Glass Slipper Princess”)
Belle- ​Beauty and the Beast​ (“Rose Princess”)
Rapunzel- ​Tangled (​ “Tower Princess”)
Sofia the First- ​Sofia the First​ (“First Princess”)
Moana- ​Moana​ (“Island Princess”)
Jasmine- ​Aladdin​ (“Arabian Princess”)
Tiana-​ Princess and the Frog​ (“Bayou Princess)

Kristoff- ​Frozen (​ “Ice Harvester Prince”)
Prince Eric- ​The Little Mermaid ​(“Mermaid Prince”)
Prince Charming

Maleficent- ​Sleeping Beauty/Maleficent​ (Mistress of Evil)

Fancy Nancy-​ Fancy Nancy
Alice- ​Alice in Wonderland Tinkerbell- ​Peter Pan​ (“Green Fairy”)
Captain Hook-​ Peter Pan
Tooth Fairy

Rey- ​Star Wars
Kylo Ren- ​Star Wars
Holly Golightly- ​Breakfast at Tiffany’s
Captain Jack Sparrow-​ Pirates of the Caribbean
Darth Vader- ​Star Wars
Princess Leia- ​Star Wars

Captain America
Captain Marvel

Olaf- ​Frozen
Flora the Unicorn Fairy (original fairy)
Swan Ballerina (original character)

Santa Claus
Mrs. Claus
Elf character